CAnes Docs for Social Change

Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, School of Communication, University of Miami

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Documentaries that CHANGE lives.


Fifteen UM film graduate students and two faculty members travel 8 days during Spring break to a chosen Central American destination. Students work in small groups to produce and shoot films about social, health with a local organization.



The experience is part of a series of distinctive opportunities for production experiences abroad that the UM Film Program offers. There is a one semester training process before the travel which offers a multi-specialization and professional networking experience. The process includes country handlers and faculty supervision as the students work hand in hand with the local organizations.  The finished films are distributed to the organizations and have a wide international festival exposure.



For three years we traveled to Guatemala. In 2014 we went to San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala and next year (2015) we plan on traveling to Quito, Ecuador.



UM Cinema and Interactive Media Department covers most of the students travel expenses.


Other study abroad programs at the Cinema and Interactive Media Department travel to LA, Greece and Prague.


Since 2012, our educational journey includes the opportunity for Graduate students in the film M.F.A program at the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, University of Miami to spend one week in a third world country with local organizations that work on social, health or environmental change, in order to produce short documentary videos about their work and their context.