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Projects - VICITS

VICITS is the Spanish-derived acronym for “Vigilancia Centinela de Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual” (Sentinel Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Infections System), a strategy to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) through data analysis. As part of the system, nowadays, there is a number of public ITS Clinics related that are specially oriented to the population that has been excluded from regular clinics due to prejudices towards sexual diversity, lack of understanding and equal treatment.


The video is devoted to spread the word regarding the fact that all population -specially LGBT population and others- are welcome “with a smile” for a friendly, fair and committed support to their health care. VICITS combines STI diagnosis and treatment among the populations most at risk for HIV and sexually-transmitted infections, condom promotion, behavioral change promotion, and an information system to monitor the project´s impact.

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