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By eddp, Jul 20 2014 01:12PM

This 2014 Canes Documentary Crew included Matthew Stephen: First year graduate at UM, Matthew plans on making films after he graduates in 2016. “Directing or cinematography is the path I want to do.” Kimberly Watkins: Born in Chicago, raised in NYC, and transplanted to Miami. Kimberly originally came to film through writing and graphic design. Inspired by film noir, neorealism, comedy, and scifi, she plans to continue writing, directing, and producing short films and feature projects. And also: Zulena Segarra-Berrios Xinyue Chen Ronnie Khalil First day of work, the UM crew working with Hospitalito Atitlán headed to the docks to board the embarcadero.

By guest, Jul 4 2014 03:12PM

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