CAnes Docs for Social Change

Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, School of Communication, University of Miami

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Students work in small groups to produce and shoot films which are freely distributed.  All post production is completed in Miami.


Three years over 30 students have participated in the program.

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The city of Antigua would not be complete without the echoing clop-clop-clop sound of horses hooves hitting cobblestone as they pull carriages full of tourists past Parque Central and through the beautiful streets. For many of the carriage-drivers, the job is the livelihood that sustains an entire family, and while they may make enough money for the family to get by, taking care of their horses is often an afterthought – or forgotten until it is too late.



“The Ramona video has been extremely helpful to our NGO: Nños de Guatemala. Through its powerful story about one of our families, it accurately depicts the realities faced by our students everyday. The Ramona video truly captures the spirit of our organization and reflects our mission and programs well. This video is our 'go to' resource to demonstrate our work and programs when reaching out to donors.”

Danielle Elyse, Padrino Programs Coordinator at Niños de Guatemala